School Board Members


Mark Zuppo, President
119 Chippewa Ct. Girard Ohio 44420
330-545-3726 – home
330-501-5385 – cell

Mrs. Diane Alejars, Vice-President

1187 Woodlawn Ave. Girard, Ohio 44420

330-539-4580 – home

Mr. Vincent Ragozine, Member

25 Cheyenne, Girard, Ohio  44420  

330-314-6030 - cell

Sue Ellen Harris-Davis, Member
307 Churchill Road, Girard, Ohio 44420
330-219-2297 or 330-974-3104

Karen Thomas, Member
1739 Squaw Creek Drive, Girard, Ohio 44420


The public may participate by addressing items on the Board’s agenda. To address the Board, especially about an item that is not on the agenda, one must submit a request one week prior to the meeting. This request should be sent to the superintendent of schools at 100 W. Main St. Suite2, Girard Ohio 44420.


*All regular meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Girard Municipal Court, 100 W. Market Street, Girard, Ohio  44420.   Time:  4:30 PM